Parish Projects & Collections

On this page can be found the current projects and collections that our parish is engaged in and has recently completed. If there are any questions or your interested in helping with these in any manner, please feel free to contact Fr. Shaw.
St. Joseph's
  • Replace carpet in church hall
    • Status - Completed!
  • Replace windows throughout church
    • Status - Delayed
    • Estimated Completion - NA
      • Upon examination of the current windows, a lead paint test showed the presence of lead paint on the lowest layer of paint. While it is sealed with the other layers above it, there is no threat, but the removal of the old windows would require lead paint abatement measures, thus driving up the cost of the project to over $30,000.00. Currently, alternatives are being examined, such as refurbishing the current windows. Estimates on the cost of refurbishment are still being aquired.
  • Replace front door of church
    • Status - Ongoing
    • Estimated Completion - 06/2023 (as of 09/2022)
      • Because of the irregular size of the opening for the door, a custom door will need to be made. A custom door manufacturer from Asheville has been engaged to design, construct, & install the door. 
  • Replace exterior crucifix
    • Status - Ongoing
    • Estimated Completion - Soon! Autumn, 2022
      • Due to the damage that happened to the corpus of the crucifix in the front yard of the church on August, 2019, the entire corpus (body) will need to be replaced. Due to the generosity of many from both here in Bryson City and abroad, the new corpus has been ordered and should be delivered in several weeks!
  • Replace sanctuary crucifix
    • Status - Completed!
      • Thanks to the generosity of the rector and parishioners of the Basilica of Sts. Peter & Paul in Chattanooga, Tennessee, an exact replacement for the crucifix that was damaged in August, 2019 has been received. ***Update*** On Good Friday, 2022, the replacement crucifix was damanged. At the end of August, 2022, it was repaired & repainted. Now, it proudly hangs in our sanctuary once more and may God allow it to do so for many years to come!
  • Replace roof of St. Joseph's
    • Status - Completed!
      • After approximately 30 years, the roof of St. Joseph's was in desperate need of being replaced. Thanks to a benefactor who made a donation specifically for the roof, the cost to the parish was less than $1000. The new roof is made from 30-year architectual shingles, so we hope that the current roof will serve us as well as the previous one did!
  • Upgrade to Wireless Microphones
    • Status - Completed!
      • To keep things looking clean & organized, wireless microphones and a receiver for them was added to our sound system, allowing for the wearable & wireless handheld microphones. 
  • Install a natural gas line & convert HVAC system to Natural Gas
    • Status - Completed!
      • The cost of liquid propane is quite a bit higher than natural gas, so a natural gas line was run to the church and the furance was converted to use it. Now we can enjoy the warmth in the winter for a quarter of the cost!


These are collections that are taken up to offset the amount that the parish must pay to the Diocese in taxes & fees. Any amount over the goal is returned to the parish, but any amount short of the goal must be paid from our savings & operation revenues.

St. Joseph's

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